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Blockchain is becoming a priority for many companies that feel the need to develop decentralized, traceable, transparent and scalable projects and solutions. At AlphaGrowth we are passionate about the potential applicability of this technology in day-to-day business.

We have the experience and the necessary partners to successfully implement the blockchain in your business, do not hesitate to contact us!


We have a long way to go, and we want to do it by accompanying you in your projects. Making it a little easier for you to meet your goals.

OUCHÉ, a new beginning for digital art

Ouche, a climate-forward and trustworthy NFT cultural home for artists and collectors, where we buy not just art, but stories.

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AlphaGrowth members have spent years developing products of all kinds based on the sector, both commercial solutions and for our own use,. Here you have a few examples:


A software designed to keep track of the movements and operations carried out in both wallets and exchanges. In the world of cryptocurrencies, you can have a diversified investment both in personal wallets and in third-party services such as exchanges, which is why it is important to keep control of them periodically and clearly. That is why at AlphaGrowth we are working on having our own tool to offer its utility to our customers.

Account traceability and monitoring


Initcoin is a hub of cryptocurrency markets. You can link your accounts through API’s and operate. In addition, among many other features, it has a specific programming language for traders that allows you to carry out backtesting to check the results of your strategies.

Trading & Analisys


This software is designed to search for the best parameters of a given trading strategy. Namely; it does millions of permutations checking results and groups the best options based on what the user is looking for. It requires a high computational power to use it and a good interpretation of the results since these can vary depending on the state of the market.

TRADING & backtesting


iUnity was envisioned as an exchange aggregator and trading router to provide liquidity to cryptocurrency markets with the aim of allowing larger order sizes to have less impact on order books. Additionally, this software can be adapted for use outside of exchanges, such as vendors and sellers to pool their stocks.

Blockchain & tokenS