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At Alphagrowth we have a saying: Keep it simple. Give options. Be transparent. These three statements run all of our proposals and products, although the crypto world does not usually help.

We do facilitate the access to the blockchain because we make it understandable for the user, investor or business that wants to interact with it. Doing so requires a great deal of support and training that we are happy to do!

From opening you own centralized exchange account to go deeper into the DeFI solutions, we want to share our knowledge with you. Keep reading to know more about our most popular solutions related to management, custody and DeFI!

Liquidity Farming Pool Taylor Made

Sometimes we rather reduce thing to its simplest expression. This way we can see trough the model neat and clear. We know that investing in crypto assets isn’t currently a simple path: accessing the sector can cause stress & demotivation. That’s why we have created our liquidity & farming pools tailor made!

If you are seeking for a passive incomes based on token investing, this is you answer: we take care of explaining how the liquidity & farming pools work and the basics hiding behind the tokenomics. We do the tricky set up for you. We offer you a flexible service in which we only help you all the way long if you really need it.

The best part? we don’t need to have access to your funds at any time: you will be always the real holder and owner of the funds!

Keep it easy!

Custodian Funds

We collaborate with CyBavo to offer the most powerful custodian solutions on the market. You can see all the advantages here although we summarize them for you to get excited now!

  • Private keys encrypted and not stored centrally
  • Access to funds with a protocol created by you
  • Creates redundancy and access to backup funds at different security levels
  • Secures assets with various levels of approval
  • All this, with the highest security standards and a SaaS that we put at your disposal so that there isn’t a single point of failure.

We work with

Not bad, right?


As the blockchain ecosystem is growing, we love to seek for projects to support. That’s why we have our own nodes running for different projects. You can join them by delegating your funds!

We can also assist you on the setting up your own nodes for different chains: Ethereum 2.0, Kava, Cosmos, Polygon, Algorand, Solana, Fantom & many others! Assisting you on how it works, what is needed and if it does make sense.

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