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At AlphaGrowth we bring you the chance to get into the world of Bitcoin mining. Easy, simple & fast!

Depending on your expertise, we provide you the solution you just need:

  • Purchase of mining equipment
  • Hosting, cooling and care of your equipment
  • Monitoring 27/4
  • Mining advisory
  • Design, delivery and maintenance of crypto facilities.
  • Vision
  • Crypto tree graphics

    Each colored rectangle in the map represents an individual criptocurrency. The rectangle’s size reflects its market cap and the color shows price performance. (Green means the stock price is up; red means it’s down. Dark colors are neutral).

  • Cryto converter

    Check the current crypto pricing. “Type in the first box (From) the Crypto name to get the info from. The coin or fiat to get in exchange will be used in the second box (To).”

  • Mining Calculator

    Profitability calculator for mining machines. Type below the aggregated value of the computer power for the number of desired units. For example: if you adquired a s19j pro of value is 110TH. If you are looking to get two units: value will be 220THs and so on. Enter value on the box below to see at a glance for current daily estimated earnings.

    Bitcoin mining calculator
    Zcash mining calculator
    Ethereum Classic mining calculator
    Ravencoin mining calculator
  • Performance

    Now find below the performance* of a single unit of s19j pro as if it was working in the period January 2017 to Jan 2022 uninterrupted.

    ** Past results do not guarantee future performance

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Our value proposition is first and foremost, the search for the best possible profitability for our clients.

Find in our services, the seal as a result of the years of passion invested in the crypto spectrum.